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Top 10 Smart Campers and Transforming Caravan Trailers for Active Family Trips Empty Top 10 Smart Campers and Transforming Caravan Trailers for Active Family Trips

le Mer 01 Aoû 2018, 19:04

*source chaîne youtube Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews

"We all love exploring the nature without sacrificing the comforts of the 21st century, but not everyone is ready to go all in on a motorhome. Though, there is always another option, and today we will show our top picks of the alternatives that exist among modular campers and transformer trailers that can easily turn your future outdoor vacation into safe, comfortable and unforgettable experience!

Want to watch another episode about camping vehicles? Check out the previously released videos on our channel:

Top 10 Camping Vehicles and Expedition Trucks: youtube.com/watch?v=SLtCKIai8CE
10 Best Camper Vans: youtube.com/watch?v=9gQO4vRr7MU
Camping trailers and vehicles featured in this video:

Happier Camper HC1: happiercamper.com

If good looks that can underline your personal style is one of the requirements that you have towards a camping trailer, then retro styled HC1 from Happier Camper should be a perfect fit for you.

Rob Vos Design Opera: robvosdesign.com/opera

Have you ever seen the iconic Sydney Opera House in Australia? This beautiful building inspired just as beautiful camper trailer design named Opera. The ultimate home on wheels was envisioned by Rob Vos and Belgian top designer Axel Enthoven.

Moby1 XTR: moby1trailers.com/moby1-xtr

Moby1 XTR is the ultimate choice for people who do not want to waste time on unfolding their trailer and unpacking the furniture. The camper is always on the go due to its teardrop all-in-one design and lots of storage space.

Ossewa Camper by Alu Cab: alu-cab.co.za/standard-products/ossewa-camper

This camper was named after the wagons that were used by the first explorers of South Africa, however, unlike those brutal vehicles modern day Ossewa is a comfortable answer to exploring the wild.

Opus Camper: opuscamper.us

Opus Camper is an ultra-lightweight inflatable trailer-tent that takes only 90 seconds to transform into a full size camper when equipped with the company’s patented Opus Air System and has a starting price of $21,499.

BAHN Camper Works: bahncamperworks.com

Bahn Camperwork is a family owned business that builds custom slide-in and flatbed truck campers from lightweight composite materials and offers complete personalized interior layout to perfectly match one’s adventure needs.

Alto from Safari Condo: safaricondo.com/en/caravanes-alto

The most popular camper trailer by the Canadian Safari Condo is no doubt the Alto R-Series. The main reason is its compact size to fit into an average garage with just 7 ft. height and the roomy interior when the roof is lifted up with 6 feet 9 inches tall ceiling.

BeauEr 3X: beauer.fr/en/?lang=fr

BeauEr 3X is a compact camper trailer that triples in size due to its with unique telescopic design with expandable mechanism.

Cricket: taxaoutdoors.com/ultra-light-trailers/cricket-camper-trailer

Cricket is a perfect base-camp trailer designed by a former NASA engineer Garrett Finney.

Sealander: sealander.de/?lang=en

To own both, a yacht and a trailer, first of you’ve got enough space to store them and of course quite a significant amount of money. But what if we told you that Sealander caravan combines features of both and can turn you into a captain and a camper at the same time.

Mink: minkcampers.is

Trailer camping not always has to be combined with luxury and sometimes simplicity is the way to go. The Mink teardrop is an active youth oriented trailer that covers all of the necessities, is super lightweight barely tipping the scales at 1,100 lbs and lets you travel in style."
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